I noticed that the "Expand All" button doesn't seem to work if I'm not logged into my account. I suspect that the reason for that is that the script gets executed before the content of the page has finished loading. I tried it with a shorter page (Monogatari Series Second Season Original Soundtracks) and there everything works as you would expect. I have no idea why it works if I'm logged in.

This should make sure the script only gets executed when the page is ready:

// Expand
var state =1;
$(function() {
   $('#collapse-global').html($('<a>', {
       'class': 'wikia-button',
       text: 'Expand/Collapse All'
   })).click(function() {
       if(state ===0){
       state = 1;
       else {
           state = 0;

See also here.

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