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Tamikura-sou or Tamikura Apartments in the English publication,[1] is the name of the apartment building where the Senjougahara family lives. Hitagi Senjougahara lives in Room 201, the top unit with her father.


Tamikura-sou was described by Hitagi as a lavish residence. However, it is revealed that Hitagi's own unit has newspaper pages for walls and is completely modest, almost impoverished, in appearance. The entire apartment complex is two-stories high and was built 30 years ago.[1]

Each of its rooms are roughly more than 100 square feet with a small sink. It also features a shower and a toilet. A communal mailbox is available in front of the apartment. The rent here costs at an estimate thirty to forty thousand yen per month. This includes maintenance fees, neighborhood dues, and utilities.[1]

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