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In the Monogatari series, a season generally refers to a grouping of Monogatari installments (often correlated in anime adaptations' cours) throughout the franchise. Unlike other TV series, seasons in Monogatari are often used in reference to the original novel release's groupings, not by collections of TV series episodes.

Seasons generally contain stories which take place within a certain time span, and Seasons themselves generally chronologically proceed each other, but the arcs within them are often scrambled out of chronological order from each other to provide a unique experience.

Off Season in particular, while having many stories that take place after Final Season, also contains some stories that occur throughout the timeline.


First Season[]

Second Season[]

Final Season[]

Off Season[]

Monster Season[]

Family Season[]

Other Notes[]

  • Nekomonogatari is the only installment to be a part of two different seasons, being First Season and Second Season. The first volume (Black) is considered a part of First Season, while the Second volume (White) is considered a part of Second Season.
  • Most of the anime adaptations of Second Season aired under the cour name: Monogatari Series Second Season, causing confusion for anime viewers as it proceeds multiple cours after Bakemonogatari.
  • While Kizumonogatari is officially considered a part of First Season, the anime adaptation released during the Final Season era, meaning it could in a way be associated with Final Season when going with Anime Release Order. 
  • Final Season concludes a major portion of the franchise, but Off Season and Monster Season still continue the story into the future, making its name somewhat misleading.

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