perfect slumbers is the opening theme song of the Nekomonogatari Black anime. Performed by Yui Horie, who voices Tsubasa Hanekawa, it is featured from Episode 01 to Episode 04.

It is also featured as the first opening theme of Koyomimonogatari in Episode 01.


"perfect slumbers" is a J-pop song with instrumentation from acoustic guitars, bass guitars, strings, drums and piano. It is set in common time, and is currently the slowest song used for the Bakemonogatari series at a tempo of only 80 BPM. The song is mostly accompanied by acoustic guitar and bass guitar, and begins with soft strings, joined by maracas softly added into the song up to the rest of the song. The drums, on the other hand, are added from the first verse, with rhythm changes during the bridge sections. Throughout the song, the vocalist sings alone, accompanied by backup vocals at key portions of the song. The major 7th chord is used frequently. The song ends with a short instrument coda by piano.

The song carries a slow and somber pace compared to the dramatic rhythm of Horie's other song for the Bakemonogatari series, "sugar sweet nightmare", and that of other songs in the series. It tells about a girl's feelings blooming from the darkness, away from her lover's sight, and how she sees the lover's hand as a beam of light, which despite her lover's best efforts, is unable to reach her heart.

Opening CreditsEdit

The opening credits animation used to accompany the song depicts Tsubasa Hanekawa riding a train and traveling through different places alongside a guitar. Throughout the credits, she is seen with a guitar or a portable CD player with her, and bookmarks are commonly seen. By the last verse of the song, Tsubasa is depicted standing in front of Koyomi Araragi, who is performing a dogeza. At the end, Tsubasa's hair is untied as the background and foreground colors invert, turning black to white and vice versa, and Tsubasa's cat hair ribbon is shown.

The animation is heavily stylized, and is mostly made of silhouettes and shapes that smoothly transition through each other. In the credits, only Tsubasa is rendered in 2D animation.


Original Japanese Japanese Rōmaji English Translation


Kuroi yami no naka

Sotto saiteta
Hajimete no kokoro
Kimi wa kitto shiranai

Inside the black darkness

It was gently blooming
My first heart
And you surely don't know of it




Sashinobete kureta te wo

Tsukamezuni iru watashi wa
Ato sukoshi mou sukoshi
Kimi ni motto motomete iru
Sore wa hitosuji no hikari

The hand you held out to me

Without even trying hard
A little more, just a little more
I'll be seeking it out

It's a beam of light



Kokoro no yukue wo

Ima wa watashi ni takunai

And right now

It doesn't shine where your heart lies



Kuroi yami no naka

Sotto saiteta
Hajimete no kokoro
Kyou mo ienai mama de

Inside the black darkness

It was gently blooming
My first heart
And I can't say it up to now



Akirameta furi wo shite

Kitai shite shimatteiru
Kimi ni nara kimi to nara
Dakara koso obieteiru

Pretending to have given up

I’m counting on you instead
If it’s you, if it’s with you
That’s the very thing I’m scared of

それは あたたかな光
Sore wa atataka na hikari
That’s my warm light


Tabun ima wa mada kitto yoake mae

Kimi no tonari madoromi nagara asu wo matteru

I think I’m sure that dawn still hasn’t come yet

I’m waiting for tomorrow while napping by your side



Sashinobete kureta te wo

Tsukamezu ni iru watashi wa
Ato sukoshi mou sukoshi
Kimi ni bakari motometeiru

I’m unable to take

your outstretched hand
But I’m almost there, give me a little longer
You’re the only one who I’m asking for

Sore wa hitosuji no hikari
That’s my one ray of light

君に 気付いてほしくて

Hajimete no kokoro

Kimi ni kizuite hoshikute

I want you to notice

this emotion that I’m having for the first time


  • The theme of the opening credits appears to tie up with Tsubasa's dream of traveling in the Bakemonogatari series.
  • A verse shown, albeit shortly, in the opening credits reads: "Books with your life. And bookmark to your heart's."
  • Tsubasa is seen using a DMP, a conceptual music player that is supposed to play mp3 files and CDs as well.

Video Edit

Perfect Slumbers FULL SUB HQ (Nekomonogatari-Nekomonogatari (Kuro) Op - perfect slumbers

Perfect Slumbers FULL SUB HQ (Nekomonogatari-Nekomonogatari (Kuro) Op - perfect slumbers


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