This list page is meant to highlight crossovers as well as notably similar works to Monogatari Series that share production staff from the novels and or anime series.

Crossovers Edit

Madogatari Promotional campaign / exhibit meant to highlight the 40th anniversary of Shaft. It crosses Monogatari Series characters with the company's other famous property,  Puella Magi Madoka Magica, along with other Shaft works.
Magica Quartet x Nisioisin Short videos shown in theaters before the Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 3: Hangyaku no Monogatari film.
Mazemonogatari Crossover text series by Nisio Isin featuring his characters, released each week as bonuses during showings of the Kizumonogatari films in Japan.
Nisekoimonogatari A short promotional video released by Shaft featuring characters from Monogatari Series and Nisekoi on April Fools Day to celebrate their 40th anniversary.
Okitegami Kyouko no Bibouroku x Monogatari Cross over commercial promoting Okitegami Kyouko no Bibouroku, the manga version of the Bouyaku Tantei Series.
Seishun Kijinden! 240 Gakuen Crossover gag manga featuring mutiple character's from works by Nisio Isin.

Similar Works Sharing Production Staff Edit

Boukyaku Tantei Series
  • Written by Nisio Isin
  • Also published by Kodansha Box
  • Shares a heavy focus on dialogue and wordplay gags
Mekakucity Actors
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
  • Animated by Shaft
  • Features Tatsuya Oishi for storyboards and key animation
  • Features Tomoyuki Itamura for episode direction, storyboards, and key animation
  • Features Hideyuki Morioka as character designer
  • Main character voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya
  • Shares similar direction and humor, especially to that of Bakemonogatari with an emphasis on collage style artwork with realistic elements and flashing title cards
Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?
Zaregoto Series
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