Onimonogatari (鬼物語) or ONIMONOGATARI: Demon Tale in the English publication, is the eighth part of the Monogatari series. It is the eleventh book overall, and contains the story Shinobu Time (しのぶタイム).

The English version was published on October 30, 2018.


The title is a compound of oni, "demon", and monogatari, "story".


Immediately following the events of Kabukimonogatari, Araragi and Hachikuji begin having run-ins with a near-indescribable void, which seems to be pursuing them for reasons they cannot determine. The answer to the question, and the solution to their predicament, lies in the memories of Shinobu and the insight of literal know-it-all Izuko Gaen, but it will require Mayoi to finally abandon her existence as a Lost Cow and leave the living world behind for good.

English Release Synopsis Edit

It, like the dark that makes up most of the cosmos, is not an aberration. Nonbeing can swallow you whole, yet if anything, it’s the anti-aberration. Darkness, in fact, is the Law, an executioner from whom a mark can try to run and hide, but only for so long. When it comes calling, the fortunate just might have the time to say goodbye. And the Darkness is—here now.

Before ever visiting Japan to find a place to die, four centuries, indeed, before her failed suicide attempt, the legendary vampire Kissshot literally stepped foot on the land of the rising sun with an epic jump that ended a lonely sojourn in Antarctica. It was back in those days that the proud noble created her first thrall. It was then, too, that she first met the Darkness.

Having messed with a more recent past with her help, and returning to the present to reunite with two more characters that look like little girls but are actually his elders, Thrall No. 2 Araragi reclaims the mic only to cede it in large part to the bloodsucking demon who goes by “Shinobu” these days. Her story, though, may not even be the most poignant one told herein.[2]

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Anime Edit

See also: Monogatari Series Second Season

Onimonogatari was adapted into the TV anime series through the compilation cour of Monogatari Series: Second Season as the fourth arc. For Blu-ray releases, it was released separately with its original novel title.


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