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A full-scale picture of what the airport looks like.

The Okinawa Airport is a location in the Monogatari series that appears in Koimonogatari, or rather, the Hitagi End arc.


During the Hitagi End arc, Kaiki receives a phone call from Senjougahara posing a job-offer concerning conning someone, who is left ambiguous. Kaiki flies to Okinawa after flat-out lying to Senjougahara, telling her that he currently resided there and reusing his alias "Suzuki", in which Senjougahara applies "Senshougahara" to herself in return. Both meet at a café in the airport and discuss specifics regarding the job-offer in poorly-crafted disguises, Kaiki in a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses, while Senjougahara in a pair of Groucho glasses. They fly back to Naoetsu town after their rendezvous.



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  • The Okinawa Airport is one of the only locations in the series that only appears in one installment/arc, the others being Avici Hell, Costoo, and the Oikura Residence.