Nademonogatari (撫物語) is the sixteenth part of the Monogatari series. It is the twenty-first book over all. It contains the story Nadeko Draw (なでこドロー).


Nademonogatari uses the same kanji from the name of Nadeko, a character in this story. The name Nadeko can mean a "caressable girl" or the flower dianthus. The kanji nade (撫) means to stroke or caress.

The kanji is most likely a reference to the character Nadeko Sengoku, but it's possible that the English translation for nademonogatari could be caring story or something similar.

Publisher's Summary

The girl who was once a god, Nadeko Sengoku. She, who followed her dreams and was forced into reality, is successful in creating an alter ego by borrowing the power of the little girl shikigami, Yotsugi Ononoki.

However, the four "Nadekos" run away, scattered……?

The Oddities! Oddities! Oddities! of these modern days.

Youth is being unable to control even oneself.



Nadeko Draw



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