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The Hanamonogatari (花物語) anime adaptation is the fifth Monogatari adaptation from studio Shaft. It adapts the Hanamonogatari novel from the novel series' second season. It is the only novel from second season that was not adapted into the Monogatari Series Second Season anime cour.

All five episodes of Hanamonogatari released on August 16, 2014, similar to how Nekomonogatari Black (anime) was released.


Hanamonogatari takes place in April, a year after the events of Kizumonogatari. Suruga Kanbaru has reached her third year of high school, and all of her upperclassmen friends have graduated.

Rumors arise around school that some mysterious "devil" is solving peoples' problems. After investigating and meeting the mysterious person, she finds her Rainy Devil arm has gone missing.

Episode List

No. Title Endcard Original Air Date
1 Hanamonogatari Episode 01: Suruga Devil, Part 1 August 16, 2014
2 Hanamonogatari Episode 02: Suruga Devil, Part 2 August 16, 2014
3 Hanamonogatari Episode 03: Suruga Devil, Part 3 August 16, 2014
4 Hanamonogatari Episode 04: Suruga Devil, Part 4 August 16, 2014
5 Hanamonogatari Episode 05: Suruga Devil, Part 5 VOFAN August 16, 2014

Introduced Characters


Hanamonogatari is the first anime adaptation to feature a composer other than Satoru Kosaki. His replacement, Kei Haneoka, composed the soundtrack for the series and has kept his role ever since with the exception of Koyomimonogatari and Kizumonogatari (movie).

The opening of the series is titled The last day of my adolescence, written by meg rock, arranged and composed by mito, and performed by Miyuki Sawashiro, the voice of Suruga Kanbaru.

The ending theme is Hanaato -shirushi- performed by Marina Kawano.


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