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Chapitre 013 is the first chapter of the third volume of the Bakemonogatari Manga. It was first published in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine on June 20, 2018 [1].


Koyomi Araragi says that he will be here for Tsubasa Hanekawa regarding her fight against her oddity.


Tsubasa proposes her help to guide Mayoi Hachikuji in her desire place but Koyomi tells her that Hitagi was on her way to find help from Meme Oshino. With that response, Tsubasa's gaze starts to be dark and empty.

Tsubasa regains her form, understands that Hitagi was here before her and tells Koyomi to not forget about things to do on the next week. On her way of leaving the park, Koyomi asks her about a person called Tsunade. Although she appears to know the response after looking at Mayoi, she said to Koyomi that she didn't know this person.

Koyomi receives a call from Meme and in the same way the phone number of Hitagi. The specialist tells him all about the Lost Cow. At the end of the call, Meme said to Koyomi that he is trying to make Hitagi responsible for this. This same quote was said earlier by Tsubasa. In the same laps of time, Meme warms Koyomi that the things he saw are not reality.


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