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Chapitre 010 is the seventh chapter of the second volume of the Bakemonogatari Manga. It was first published in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine on May 23, 2018 [1].


Hitagi Senjougahara points toward a street where was the house she lived one year ago before the land readjustment.


Although her body weight has returned, that doesn't mean her original problems were resolved and that's why Senjougahara plans to go in this street during the mother's day.

Mayoi Hachikuji understands the reason and apologizes for taking her time but Senjougahra seems to ignore the young lady. Koyomi Araragi asks Senjougahara if she hates kids and she responds by the affirmative when explaining the first and last day where she helps a kid.

Senjougahara had a hard moment to find the place searched by Mayoi and takes a little moment to thanks again Araragi for his help with the crab because now she can wear new fashionable clothes and moves forward. But unfortunately, all the streets they go are dead ends.


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