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Chapitre 008 is the fifth chapter of the second volume of the Bakemonogatari Manga. It was first published in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine on May 9, 2018 [1].


Mayoi Hachikuji wake up and Koyomi Araragi tells her that the previous fight was within her dream but she clearly doesn't believe it.


Koyomi Araragi helps Mayoi Hachikuji to find her way and pick up the paper where the destination is written. He wanted to give it to Hitagi Senjougahara for her to see the address but she refuses to touch anything that he has touched. Mayoi hates the attitude of Hitagi and then reveals that she is, in fact, a lost snail.

After this revelation, Koyomi starts a flashback to explain the day where he was no longer a mere human with his first encounter with Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade in a small back alley begging for help. At first, he hesitated and escaped but then returned and gives his neck for her to suck his blood because he believes that her life is more worthy than his.


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