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Avici hell

Avici Hell, (無間地獄, Mugenjigoku) or Avichi Hell, is the lowest level and the deepest part of Hell in which people who have committed grave sins fall into after their death.

After his death, Koyomi Araragi fell into Avici where he meets Mayoi Hachikuji once more.



Levels of Hell[]

From the highest to the lowest level [1]:

  1. Sanjiva, the reviving Hell
  2. Kalasutra, the black thread Hell
  3. Samghata, the crushing Hell
  4. Raurava, the screaming Hell
  5. Maharaurava, the great screaming Hell
  6. Tapana, the heating Hell
  7. Pratapana, the great heating Hell
  8. Avici, the uninterrupted Hell


Mayoi Hell[]

Appears In[]


  • The reason why Araragi went to Hell is because he saved a vampire, Kiss-shot, back in spring break, which is considered one of the worst crimes.
  • Hachikuji is also in Hell because dying before her parents is considered a crime punishable in Hell.
    • The sentence for her crime is very light, so she resides in the uppermost level of Hell.
    • She came down to Avici in order to escort Araragi, because she knew he would end up here.




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