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In the Monogatari series, an arc (or more officially referred to as an episode in the novels) is a set story deprived of its own chapters. Different novels/anime cours contain a different number of arcs, some only being made up of a single arc. The common theme is that the first word in the arc name is the name of a character, while the second is a noun or verb. The unique most element of an arc's name is the second word. Some anime adaptions often display the arc's name in the opening title sequence and or in screen flashes.

Arcs are contained inside Monogatari installments (often correlated with the anime series's cours), which are contained inside Seasons. Each arc has its own "number" corresponding to it, although for some arcs, particularly those of the Second Season, the number is instead replaced by another kanji, with a meaning related to the contents of the arc.

The following is a list of the various main story arcs in novel release order.

Arc names[]

Main Arcs[]

  1. Episode One: Hitagi Crab
  2. Episode Two: Mayoi Mai Mai
  3. Episode Three: Suruga Monkey
  4. Episode Four: Nadeko Snake
  5. Episode Five: Tsubasa Cat
  6. Episode Zero: Koyomi Vamp
  7. Episode Six: Karen Bee
  8. Final Episode: Tsukihi Phoenix
  9. Episode Taboo: Tsubasa Family
  10. Episode Kindness: Tsubasa Tiger
  11. Episode Idle: Mayoi Jiangshi
  12. Episode Strange: Suruga Devil
  13. Episode Revolt: Nadeko Medusa
  14. Episode Endure: Shinobu Time
  15. Episode Love: Hitagi End
  16. Episode Body: Yotsugi Doll
  17. Episode One: Koyomi Stone
  18. Episode Two: Koyomi Flower
  19. Episode Three: Koyomi Sand
  20. Episode Four: Koyomi Water
  21. Episode Five: Koyomi Wind
  22. Episode Six: Koyomi Tree
  23. Episode Seven: Koyomi Tea
  24. Episode Eight: Koyomi Mountain
  25. Episode Nine: Koyomi Torus
  26. Episode Ten: Koyomi Seed
  27. Episode Eleven: Koyomi Nothing
  28. Episode Twelve: Koyomi Dead
  29. Episode One: Ougi Formula
  30. Episode Two: Sodachi Riddle
  31. Episode Three: Sodachi Lost
  32. Episode Four: Shinobu Mail
  33. Episode Five: Mayoi Hell
  34. Episode Six: Hitagi Rendezvous
  35. Episode Seven: Ougi Dark
  36. Final Episode: Koyomi Reverse
  37. Episode Zero: Sodachi Fiasco
  38. Episode Zero: Suruga Bonehead
  39. Episode Zero: Tsukihi Undo
  40. Episode Zero: Acerola Bon Appétit (with Cruel Fairy Tale: Princess Fair)
  41. Episode Zero: Karen Ogre
  42. Episode Zero: Tsubasa Sleeping
  43. Episode Zero: Nadeko Draw
  44. Episode One: Zenka Mermaid
  45. Episode Two: Nozomi Golem
  46. Episode Three: Mitome Wolf
  47. Episode Four: Tsuzura Human
  48. Episode One: Shinobu Mastered
  49. Episode Two: Mayoi Snail
  50. Episode Three: Mayoi Snake
  51. Episode Four: Yotsugi Body
  52. Episode Five: Yotsugi Shadow
  53. Episode Six: Ougi Light
  54. Episode Seven: Ougi Freight
  55. Episode Eight: Deathtopia Destiny
  56. Episode Nine: Deathtopia Destination
  57. Episode Ten: Deathtopia Death Education

Crossover Arcs[]

  1. Episode Forget: Kyouko Balance
  2. Episode Strong: Jun Build
  3. Episode Law: Nomi Rule
  4. Episode Eye: Mayumi Red Eye
  5. Episode Disease: Kuroneko Head
  6. Episode Blood: Risuka Blood
  7. Episode Sword: Hitei Clear
  8. Episode Kill: Iori Fugue
  9. Episode Army: Shiogi Ranger
  10. Episode Invite: Akari Triple
  11. Episode Eat: Rizumu Rock 'N
  12. Episode Big: Mikoko Community
  13. Episode Hero: Kuu Invisible
  14. Episode Deceive: Rai Roulette
  15. Episode End: Magokoro Finisher

Minor Arcs[]

Shared Components[]

First words and how many arcs each has:

  1. Koyomi referring to Koyomi Araragi has 2 main (Vamp and Reverse) and 13 minor arcs (see: Koyomimonogatari and History)
  2. Tsubasa referring to Tsubasa Hanekawa has 4 main (Family, Cat, Tiger, and Sleeping) and 3 minor arcs (Song, Board, and Lion)
  3. Hitagi referring to Hitagi Senjougahara has 3 main (Crab, End, and Rendezvous) and 6 minor arcs (Buffet, Neck, Salamander, Coin, Figure, and Throwing)
  4. Mayoi referring to Mayoi Hachikuji has 5 main (Mai Mai, Jiangshi, Hell, Snail, and Snake) and 4 minor arcs (Room, Castle, Name, and Ghost)
  5. Suruga referring to Suruga Kanbaru has 3 main (Monkey, Devil, and Bonehead) and 4 minor arcs (Court, Neat, Palace, and Speed)
  6. Nadeko referring to Nadeko Sengoku has 3 main (Snake, Medusa, and Draw) and 3 minor arcs (Pool, Mirror, and Kimi to Nadeko!)
  7. Karen referring to Karen Araragi has 2 main (Bee and Ogre) and 2 minor arcs (Arm Leg and Brushing)
  8. Tsukihi referring to Tsukihi Araragi has 2 main (Phoenix and Undo) and 2 minor arcs (Eternal and Brushing)
  9. Shinobu referring to Shinobu Oshino has 3 main (Time, Mail and Mastered) and 4 minor arcs (House, Science, Figure, and Princess Beauty)
  10. Yotsugi referring to Yotsugi Ononoki has 3 main (Doll, Body and Shadow) and 2 minor arcs (Stress and Future)
  11. Ougi referring to Ougi Oshino has 4 main(Formula, Dark, Light, and Fright) and 2 minor arcs (Travel and Reflect)
  12. Sodachi referring to Sodachi Oikura has 3 main (Riddle, Lost, and Fiasco) and 1 minor arc (Mirror)
  13. Acerola referring to Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade has 1 main (Bon Appétit)
  14. Zenka referring to Zenka Suo has 1 main (Mermaid)
  15. Nozomi referring to Nozomi Kizashima has 1 main (Golem)
  16. Mitome referring to Mitome Saisaki has 1 main (Wolf)
  17. Tsuzura referring to Tsuzura Kouga has 1 main (Human)
  18. Deathtopia referring to Deathtopia Virtuoso Suicide-Master has 3 main (Destiny, Destination, and Death Education)

Unique Components[]

Second words:

  1. vamp
  2. family
  3. crab
  4. snail
  5. monkey
  6. snake
  7. cat
  8. bee
  9. phoenix
  10. jiangshi
  11. time
  12. mail
  13. tiger
  14. formula
  15. riddle
  16. lost
  17. medusa
  18. end
  19. doll
  20. fiasco
  21. bonehead
  22. undo
  23. hell
  24. rendezvous
  25. dark
  26. reverse
  27. devil
  28. stone
  29. flower
  30. sand
  31. water
  32. wind
  33. tree
  34. tea
  35. mountain
  36. torus
  37. seed
  38. nothing
  39. dead
  40. bon appétit
  41. sleeping
  42. draw
  43. ogre

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